What Does Foxx Designs Do?

Founded in 1996 by Mykel Foxx under the name BadAss Designs. Mykel grew up in a musically artistic family. At a very young age, Mykel was a talented artist and musician. As he grew, so did his talents, recording multiple albums ranging in everything from Christian Gospel to Heavy Metal.

Growing up around his father's Hot-Rod shop, allowed him to be in the company of some very talented people. It wasn't long until Mykel was designing interiors and exteriors of some of the wildest cars in the country. In 1996, Mykel started doing graphic arts for some of the best Motorcycle companies around. After having friends ask for some graphics for their local shops and vehicles, he started moving towards marketing through graphic design. Making a name for himself doing work for some of the largest towing companies in the valley, he decide to stretch out by offering Banners, Signs, Decals, Vehicle Wraps and anything else that would help impact a company's marketing image to their customers.

Today, more than ever, FOXX deSIGNS is helping small and large companies alike impress their customers. So, whether you need a logo for branding your company, you need to expand your impact, or if you just need a new take on your business cards, FOXX deSIGNS is here to help...